California Teen Rowers, Parents Left 'Shocked' After Gunman Fires into Water During Regatta Event

California Teen Rowers, Parents Left 'Shocked' After Gunman Fires into Water During Regatta Event

A day meant for camaraderie and competition turned harrowing for teen rowers and their parents as gunfire erupted near a regatta event in California, leaving many "shocked" and "horrified." West Sacramento police have launched an investigation into the incident, which occurred on April 20th along the Sacramento River Deep Water Ship Channel while the Oakland Stroke Rowing Club was racing.

According to authorities, at least three gunshots struck the water close to where 15 and 16-year-old rowers were participating in the event. The sudden outbreak of violence shattered the tranquility of the setting, leaving witnesses reeling in disbelief.

Fred Ackerman, a parent of one of the rowers, expressed his shock at the turn of events, stating to FOX 2, "I was pretty shocked. I think all of us were. It's horrifying, to think in this peaceful, green setting, the final push of this race - to see and hear that."

Despite the presence of numerous onlookers and participants, no one managed to identify the alleged shooter. Ackerman emphasized the surreal nature of the situation, noting, "No one saw the shooter. There were dozens and dozens of people, there were boaters and people walking around on the trail."

While the exact motive behind the gunfire remains unclear, law enforcement officials have confirmed that it was indeed a firearm involved in the incident. The search for the perpetrator and the reasons behind such a reckless act continue as the community grapples with the shock and fear left in its wake.

As investigations unfold, the safety and security of participants and spectators at sporting events take center stage, with calls for increased vigilance and measures to prevent such incidents from recurring in the future.

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