German’s Deutschland-Achter aims for Gold in Paris

German’s Deutschland-Achter aims for Gold in Paris


With their sights set firmly on the Paris Olympic Games, Germany’s rowing eight is gearing up for a fresh start. After a series of disappointing years, the return of Tokyo 2021 silver medalists, Laurits Follert and Hannes Ocik, is expected to inject renewed vigor and success into the team.

Historically, the German rowing eight has been a beacon of excellence in the sport. From clinching gold in London 2012 to silver medals in Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2021, the team has consistently delivered top-notch performances. However, the post-Tokyo era demanded a reshuffle. With six out of nine silver medalists departing, the team had to regroup. The outcome was a fourth-place finish at the 2022 European Championships followed by a fifth-place finish last year.

“Our goal towards Paris is to bridge this gap,” emphasized national coach Sabine Tschäge during the team presentation in Dortmund. Recognizing the potential within her squad, Tschäge remains optimistic: “The most important thing is for our men to deliver their best race of the season in Paris.”

Despite the formidable competition from reigning world champions Great Britain and vice-world champions the Netherlands, the German rowers have their sights firmly set on podium finishes in Paris. Laurits Follert from Crefelder RC voiced his ambition, saying, “We aim to lead every race from the front,” with gold as his personal target.

To achieve this ambition, the team will intensify their collaboration in the boat in the upcoming weeks and months. “We need to have staying power and push through,” Tschäge added. Ahead of the Olympic Games, the European Championships loom large on the horizon – serving as a crucial yardstick for the Germany rowing eight’s resurgence to the pinnacle of the sport.

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