U.S. Rowing stripped honours from a two-time Olympic medallist and nine-time Olympic coach Ted Nash

U.S. Rowing stripped honours from a two-time Olympic medallist and nine-time Olympic coach Ted Nash

U.S. Rowing stripped honours from a two-time Olympic medallist and nine-time Olympic coach after an investigation found allegations that he sexually abused a teenager more than 50 years ago to be credible.

The federation on Tuesday released a 154-page report on Ted Nash, who died in 2021. The report said Jennifer Fox’s allegations that Nash had groomed and sexually abused her in 1973 were believable. They met that year at a horseback-riding camp where Nash was teaching when he was 40 and Fox was 13.

Late in 2022, USRowing was contacted by Jennifer Fox, who bravely came forward with allegations of sexual abuse she suffered as a child at the hands of the late Ted Nash, a revered figure within the rowing community. Recognizing the gravity of Fox's claims and the need for accountability, USRowing engaged the services of the esteemed law firm Shearman & Sterling to conduct a thorough investigation, which they graciously agreed to conduct pro-bono.

Over a span of 16 months, Shearman & Sterling conducted an exhaustive and independent examination of Fox's allegations. This included contacting 92 individuals with potentially relevant knowledge, conducting interviews with 47 individuals, and meticulously analyzing primary evidence. Additionally, another female rower came forward with allegations of unwanted sexual advances by Nash, further corroborating the seriousness of the accusations.

The findings of the investigation were clear: there is compelling evidence supporting Fox's allegations of child sexual abuse by Nash. Despite Nash's significant contributions to the sport, USRowing reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of its participants, particularly youth athletes.

In a gesture of transparency and accountability, USRowing has made the full 154-page report publicly available, albeit with a sensitive content advisory due to the nature of its contents. The organization understands the emotional toll such revelations can have, especially for survivors of sexual trauma, and is committed to supporting them through this process.

In response to the investigation's findings, USRowing has taken decisive action. All honors previously conferred upon Nash, including prestigious accolades such as the 2005 Man of the Year and the 2013 USRowing Medal of Honor, have been rescinded. Furthermore, Nash will not be considered for any future awards by the organization.

While this outcome may be difficult for some members of the rowing community to accept, USRowing's stance remains steadfast: there is zero tolerance for abuse, and the safety of all participants is paramount. The organization encourages other affiliated bodies to review the full report and take appropriate actions in alignment with their values.

As the rowing community grapples with these revelations, USRowing remains committed to fostering a safe and inclusive environment, where athletes can thrive free from fear and exploitation.

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