USA and Serbia Secure Olympic Spots in Thrilling Men’s Double Final at Lucerne

USA and Serbia Secure Olympic Spots in Thrilling Men’s Double Final at Lucerne

The final Olympic qualification regatta in Lucerne for the men’s double sculls was a spectacular showcase of power, strategy, and determination, as teams from around the world competed for the last few spots at Paris 2024. In an electrifying race, the USA and Serbia emerged victorious, earning their tickets to the Olympics.

USA's Olympic Hopefuls Dominate

Ben Davison and Sorin Koszyk of Team USA displayed an exceptional performance, leading the pack from the 100m mark. Davison, with his previous Olympic experience, and Koszyk, a rising star, formed a formidable duo. Their synergy and powerful strokes propelled them to finish first with a time of 06:23.14, securing a well-deserved place in the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Serbia's Strategic Victory

Serbia’s Nikolaj Pimenov and Martin Mackovic delivered a masterful race, securing the second Olympic spot. Pimenov, having already qualified in the men’s single, showcased his versatility and strength alongside Mackovic. Despite a strong challenge from other competitors, the Serbian double finished with a time of 06:26.47, ensuring their place in Paris.

Australia’s Power Pair

David Bartholot and Marcus Della Marta of Australia showed impressive speed and coordination in the first half, finishing third with a time of 06:28.33. Bartholot, a world championship bronze medallist, and Della Marta, making his senior debut, made a strong statement on the international stage. Although they narrowly missed out on Olympic qualification, their performance indicates a bright future for Australian rowing.

Sweden’s Quest for History

Jonas Richter and Hugo Nerud of Sweden aimed to rewrite their nation’s rowing history by securing Olympic qualification. Finishing fourth with a time of 06:30.34, they showcased their determination and grit, although they fell short of the top two spots.

Greece’s Rising Stars

Ioannis Kalandaridis and Nikolaos Cholopoulos from Greece, fresh from their A-Final performance at the Europeans, finished fifth with a time of 06:33.20. Their youth and promise were evident, and despite not securing an Olympic spot, their potential for future success remains high.

Moldova's History-makers

Chirill Visotchi-Sestacov and Ivan Corsunov of Moldova, aiming to replicate their historic A-Final finish in 2022, faced tough competition. They finished sixth with a time of 06:35.39, but their determination and drive were clear, setting the stage for future endeavors.


The men’s double sculls final at Lucerne was a testament to the athletes' dedication and skill. With the USA and Serbia clinching the coveted Olympic spots, the stage is set for an exciting showdown in Paris 2024. Each crew's performance in Lucerne highlighted the depth of talent and the relentless pursuit of excellence in rowing.

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